Moriarty (the_moriarty) wrote,


Here are some of my Buss09 photos and you can find the rest here!

Hoody hoo.

Hoody hoody hoody hoo.

The Snake Series

Of the many other things that were super on Buss09 that I don’t have in photo form, some that I want to remember are:
-         Thoroughly discovering Binningup with Ben.
-         Sam and I having an epic Silly Snap showdown and me getting all the cards except for Diana Rigg.
-         Dreaming William Shatner was on Buss.
-         Getting wood in Settlers of Catan.
-         Assorted other new friends (apart from snake): Sharon 80s Hair, Grace Jones, Teri Hatcher, Just Shoot Me.
-         Luke drinking Fauxrona; Abby setting a watch alarm for beer o’clock.
-         Sexy enemies
-         "I went to the bottle shop"
-         Seeing a rabbit and a spoonbill on the ranch across the river.
-         Wacky Moriarty Day.

Lots of other good stuff. Buss went too fast!

I don’t really know whether your first day back at work is meant to be spent jumping energetically back into working hard, or getting back into things slowly (with help from the internet) – but for the moment I’ve been given the job of looking into some things on google taking me more towards the latter. This is pretty cool.
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I was going to say, aren't you supposed to be at work, Mr. I'm-posting-a-Buss-update? Ah well, this is almost like researching prisons, right?

I love love love the snake series photo of Tom. Priceless indeed.

My photos are being uploaded as I type. Joy!

You know how these things go: as a capable internet multitasker I can research prisons at the same time as doing a few non-time-consuming other things - like posting about Buss.

I'm pretty sad that I didn't get a snake photo of Ben - I wasn't thorough enough in my snake photography! But I definitely think the second one of you is my favourite!