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The James Bond Life Point

Today I spent the whole morning at work writing lists of seven things. These ranged from the very basic ("Seven Best Songs Ever") to really crazy ideas ("Seven Movies With the Word 'Seven' in the Title That I Haven't Seen") (I could only come up with two).

I realised these were all really boring and decided instead to look into 007 007 007. I went on a quest:

1. Found the seventh 007 film (Diamonds Are Forever)
2. Went to 007 minutes and 007 seconds through the film.
3. Looked for the meaning of life.

Turns out the meaning of life is Shirley Bassey singing "diamonds are foreevAER, foreevAER, foreevAER."
Or if you want to really cut it down and get mystic, you could just say that the meaning of life is "forever". Spoooky.

Just in case you've ever wondered, now you know.
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