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The lawless town of Attraction!

I made heaps of plans for these holidays and managed to go through with a whole lot of them!
1. I cleaned out (a large portion of) my cupboard, in the last few weeks, when I thought I wasn't going to do it at all.
2. I got a new job and saved up some cash.
3. I bought a new skateboard ("Part 2: go pro" fell through)
4. Worked out what I'm doing at Uni (but not why).
5. Went to Busseltown and spent some good times with my friends.

This is all good.

These are my plans for the semester.
1. Do all my assignments before they are due.
2. Do not drink sugar in my guild coffee.
3. Institute the five-step program (not directly related to Uni, but guaranteed to make my life better).

This would all be good.

Unrelated Points
◊ Tonight at the video shop some girls gave me a tip. That was so cool. This was money for me, not just "keep the change". Madness!

◊ I'm getting sorted. I've written out my tutorial readings for each week in big lists with tick-boxes next to them for when I do them. I could have done several tute readings in the time it took me to do this.

◊ One of my units has an excursion to where I work.

◊ I've just changed over my Avengers calendar and the new picture is Mrs Peel drinking (and looking sly about it). It's making me laugh.

◊ My new calendar picture does not make me laugh as much as....

Martika cannot escape how 90s she is.


In other news, I am currently searching for my 21st birfday present car and nearly rounded off my holidays by deciding on this beautiful creature:

1963 Morris Major.
Alas, we had too many differences and weren't meant to be.
But her (unworking) speedo was in mph!

Finally, I have been watching some more of this "Arrested Development" lately in big hits and I've found it has the unfortunate aftereffect of making me narrate my own life in my head.

QUESTION: If your life was narrated by a celebrity (actor/actress), who would you like it to be?

I'm choosing Alec Baldwin, so my life sounds all Royal-Tenenbaums, but how about you?
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