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Mad man with a biscuit

"All right, it's a Jammie Dodger. But I was promised tea!"

Please excuse "iPhone in the mirror" photo, but I am well excited to be in possession of a pack of Jammie Dodgers. Although scrumble has informed me this is not really much of a novelty to any British citizens, it's a new experience for me!

(Actually, probably the nerdiest thing about that photo is that if you zoom in Blade Runner-style you can see my Star Trek pyjama pants on the floor)

Recently I've given up instant coffee, which has been an excellent decision and I've felt even more awake ever since. That said, I'm currently drinking my 6th cup of tea for the day. It was required for the eating of said Jammie Dodger, pictured above.

Far out, I feel like I could watch these guys on my TV screen non-stop for hours and hours. It wouldn't even matter what they were doing. Though it's even better if they're doing awesome Who-related things!

As much as I've been loving new Who, I've also been rewatching Pertwee eps on Daily Motion. You know what would have been great? If they had done the weeping angels like this:

Pertwee remains the best but Smith is steadily climbing up the ranks.

(Doctor Who discussion in comments is well welcomed, but no spoilers from anyone watching in Brit-time! We're two weeks behind)
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