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The Royal Life Darjeeling

Dreamt last night I was in a Wes Anderson movie!

I was played by Jason Schwartzman and my father had been a great inventor who'd invented, amongst other things, a way to synthesise water. Now he'd died and left me in charge of his legacy which included a massive mansion filled with Egyptian statues, like Karnak in Watchmen, including a giant gold and purple sphinx fountain where the water flowed backwards into the sphinx's mouth.
Gwyneth Paltrow came to visit me and I tried to win her heart and, although I started off with some mild success, she was much more interested in my exuberant brother, played by Luke Wilson, who returned from a sailing trip.
I had to watch as she clearly became more interested in my Luke Wilson brother, whilst I struggled to continue to run my father's business.

Over all, I guess it was actually a sad movie and I woke up before I could see the ending!
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