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A longer story than it probably needs to be, so if you can't get through it the punchline is this.

A while ago I started playing "Jigsaw", a text adventure I found online whilst at DET. I was very hooked during a day of inactivity there but eventually gave up in frustration when I couldn't get out of the opening scene (a new years eve party, 1999, where if you use up too many moves it tells you YOU HAVE SUCCUMBED TO THE PARTY). One of the few locations you could visit in this opening bit was a marquee so when I got hooked on Marquee Moon it kept reminding me of this game due to the imprint it left in my memory of a marquee at midnight.

Anyway, after a few days of listening to Marquee Moon pretty much on repeat recently I had real cravings to play this game again - and I managed to find a better host site for it where you can save your game (yesss). So with liberal help from a walkthrough I got past the bit I was stuck on and ploughed my way through the game. What an epic. Some bits were astoundingly, ridiculously hard (and I was forced to return to the walkthrough - ie. using an anemometer to check wind speed and then playing a mandolin to Orville Wright to delay him so his plane would leave at the most windy time. Or the bit where you type "fly" because suddenly you can fly.). But learning how to use a WWII enigma machine in a text adventure was real cool!
I finished it tonight and I am proud!

The game is long and interesting and involves time travel, romance, history and lots of animal pictures.
If you're interested play it HERE. But if you don't see the point in typing commands into a java window only to face certain frustration at illogical puzzles, I don't blame you.

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