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"I mean physically, not like a guy who's angry in a movie in the 1950s"

I can't believe I almost forgot this due to the bleary hungovery nature of my day but today, on my way to work, I saw a kid riding a unicycle at the train station.

.... what?

Then, later, I saw this:

You know, a giant frog in a trailer.

Iron (calf) Man - 1
(Lake) Iron Monger - 0

I ran around the lake, non-stop! Only a couple of weeks ago I was a 97-pound weakling and now I can jog around lakes. Thankyou C25K, turns out it works!
(this was 3.5K but hey, getting there)
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So, when I told my mum about C25K she said "noooo, don't do it, you'll lose weight" and I ignored her. Then I did lose weight and she's banned me from doing it unless I start to eat more... I only did the first week! What the hellz? I was kind of hoping the more stringent later weeks would up my appetite to avoid such issues. Thoughts?

Sorry for the ramble.

Although I don't really imagine you're keen to "beef up", one possibility would be to do 100 push-ups too, thus increasing muscle mass to make up for any weight lost while running?
I like to imagine this is happening to me, but hey, probably not.

But running definitely makes me HUNGRY - so maybe this will happen to you too?
My advice would be: "combine running with eating lots"?
Yeah, not really all that keen to beef up... I'm going to start again from the beginning on saturday, and hopefully the fact that I've already done that week will mean there won't be much effect, and try to increase my food intake... My appetite has always been quite low but hopefully it will kick in.

Haha, I guess if you need to not lose too much weight, don't wait for your appetite but just eat even if you don't really feel like it?
I'm all with the helpful (i.e. obvious) advice today!
Well I'm well on the way to regaining lost weight through a healthy diet balanced with timtams. You don't need to feel hungry to eat those!

Apparently 'fruit and nut mix' things are meant to be pretty good things to eat after running. I've been doing pretty well in terms of 'eating recommended things for running', but it also makes me really, really crave unhealthy food.
Ah, I could really do with some hot chips!
so what's with this rain hey? ruining my running plans!

I ran one day in the pouring rain and it was great! I got pretty soaked, but was so distracted by being cold and drenched I didn't even notice getting tired from running.
oh you guys and your enthusiasm re running in the rain!
i can't say i share it! i will run in the afternoon i think
ok so i did it! turned out ok, because it only really rained for 5 out of the 30 minutes. it sucked running up against the wind though. plus my ears hurt, i think this may also be because of the wind? or perhaps my ipod was too loud?
"moriarty's livejournal: the ideal place to log my own jogging adventures"?!

Definitely! I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your ear problem, but I recommend Caroline the resident livejournal sports physio for such matters!
the sweat from his paws as he works for his cause

For sures!

Now, tell me, have we seen Shame of the Jungle twice? I have this feeling like we have, but I can't work out.... why.... we ever would!
Oh God I hope not!?