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Around! [24 Feb 2012|10:22am]
Hi there livejournal friends!

I ended up unintentionally slinking off from livejournal after getting back from travelling, but I'm still around the internet and I still think fondly about anyone awesome who has read and commented on my journal (particularly YOU, Russian spambots).

I've been using twitter for what it's good for, tumblr for assorted pictures of things, and e-mail for correspondence. If you're interested in following me, I'm here and here!

Hope anyone reading this is doing well and having good times!

Best internet regards,

What is it, General?

Mad man with a biscuit [20 May 2010|11:24pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

"All right, it's a Jammie Dodger. But I was promised tea!"

Please excuse "iPhone in the mirror" photo, but I am well excited to be in possession of a pack of Jammie Dodgers. Although scrumble has informed me this is not really much of a novelty to any British citizens, it's a new experience for me!

(Actually, probably the nerdiest thing about that photo is that if you zoom in Blade Runner-style you can see my Star Trek pyjama pants on the floor)

Recently I've given up instant coffee, which has been an excellent decision and I've felt even more awake ever since. That said, I'm currently drinking my 6th cup of tea for the day. It was required for the eating of said Jammie Dodger, pictured above.

Far out, I feel like I could watch these guys on my TV screen non-stop for hours and hours. It wouldn't even matter what they were doing. Though it's even better if they're doing awesome Who-related things!

As much as I've been loving new Who, I've also been rewatching Pertwee eps on Daily Motion. You know what would have been great? If they had done the weeping angels like this:

Pertwee remains the best but Smith is steadily climbing up the ranks.

(Doctor Who discussion in comments is well welcomed, but no spoilers from anyone watching in Brit-time! We're two weeks behind)
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Welcome the new soul vision! [28 Mar 2010|03:11pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Here is some stuff that I'm finding pretty cool at the moment:

Rex Harrison acting with "fox cubs" in his pockets
(apparently, not actually fox cubs but puppies)

(not having seen it, but waiting to see it)


Rex Harrison riding a giraffe

Also, I've been watching this and Goldfinger and Christmas 1979 many times over:

What is it, General?

Blight-Queller [27 Jan 2010|08:16pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So lately I've been reminiscing about Buss and watching TV, and now I've gone back to temping and then before long I'll be travelling.

"Nora was eating a piece of cold duck with one hand and working on a jigsaw puzzle with the other when I got home.
'I thought you'd gone to live with her,' she said. 'You used to be a detective: find me a brownish piece shaped something like a snail with a long neck.'
'Piece of duck or puzzle? Don't let's go to the Edges' tonight: they're dull folk.'"

"Cross-promotional. Deal mechanics. Revenue streams. Jargon. Synergy."
"That's the best presentation I've ever seen."

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I'm Ready [02 Jan 2010|03:10pm]
[ mood | excited ]

What is it, General?

Mind Over Matter [16 Oct 2009|08:34pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

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A Surfeit of Birthday [20 Jul 2009|09:58am]
[ mood | good ]

Happy Birthday, Dame Diana!

The mightiest of them all.

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The Royal Life Darjeeling [03 Apr 2009|07:23am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Dreamt last night I was in a Wes Anderson movie!

I was played by Jason Schwartzman and my father had been a great inventor who'd invented, amongst other things, a way to synthesise water. Now he'd died and left me in charge of his legacy which included a massive mansion filled with Egyptian statues, like Karnak in Watchmen, including a giant gold and purple sphinx fountain where the water flowed backwards into the sphinx's mouth.
Gwyneth Paltrow came to visit me and I tried to win her heart and, although I started off with some mild success, she was much more interested in my exuberant brother, played by Luke Wilson, who returned from a sailing trip.
I had to watch as she clearly became more interested in my Luke Wilson brother, whilst I struggled to continue to run my father's business.

Over all, I guess it was actually a sad movie and I woke up before I could see the ending!

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sketch nightjar [23 Mar 2009|10:43pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

A longer story than it probably needs to be, so if you can't get through it the punchline is this.

A while ago I started playing "Jigsaw", a text adventure I found online whilst at DET. I was very hooked during a day of inactivity there but eventually gave up in frustration when I couldn't get out of the opening scene (a new years eve party, 1999, where if you use up too many moves it tells you YOU HAVE SUCCUMBED TO THE PARTY). One of the few locations you could visit in this opening bit was a marquee so when I got hooked on Marquee Moon it kept reminding me of this game due to the imprint it left in my memory of a marquee at midnight.

Anyway, after a few days of listening to Marquee Moon pretty much on repeat recently I had real cravings to play this game again - and I managed to find a better host site for it where you can save your game (yesss). So with liberal help from a walkthrough I got past the bit I was stuck on and ploughed my way through the game. What an epic. Some bits were astoundingly, ridiculously hard (and I was forced to return to the walkthrough - ie. using an anemometer to check wind speed and then playing a mandolin to Orville Wright to delay him so his plane would leave at the most windy time. Or the bit where you type "fly" because suddenly you can fly.). But learning how to use a WWII enigma machine in a text adventure was real cool!
I finished it tonight and I am proud!

The game is long and interesting and involves time travel, romance, history and lots of animal pictures.
If you're interested play it HERE. But if you don't see the point in typing commands into a java window only to face certain frustration at illogical puzzles, I don't blame you.

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A Knight to Remember [14 Jan 2009|06:50pm]
[ mood | same same but different ]

'008: Being Reflective

Here's some stuff that happened to me in 2008:

Got in a car crash.
Lost my Datsun.
Went to emergency in an ambulance.
Had a CAT scan.
Got drugged out on morphine.

This wasn't very cool.

Temporarily graduated Uni.
Became a historian/archaeologist/physicist (kind of).

This was pretty cool!

Went to Vietnam (with super friends).
Ate rat and scorpion.
Saw the body of Ho Chi Minh.
Got given a scooter ride by a girl I'd just met.
Climbed a jungle mountain.

This was awesomely cool!

Also cool was Buss08!

And my Heroes of the YearCollapse )

Dream of the year: this one

(to make sure I'd comprehensively covered my bases in this post I decided to read back through all my lj entries for the year. This lead me to realise that I really do write about my dreams a lot (not a bad thing) and I figured I may as well give out an award in the process)

Overall, it was a pretty great year.

Currently listening to Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies which is making me mightily optimistic for this one! This is a wicked album to discover in January.

Also, I got an e-mail the other night from the supervisor of the Honours project I want to do saying "hey, let's talk project!" so I guess that means I've gotten into the one I wanted? Super!

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Buss0Snake [12 Jan 2009|10:19am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Here are some of my Buss09 photos and you can find the rest here!

Hoody hoo.

Hoody hoody hoody hoo.

Where’s my snake?Collapse )

Of the many other things that were super on Buss09 that I don’t have in photo form, some that I want to remember are:
-         Thoroughly discovering Binningup with Ben.
-         Sam and I having an epic Silly Snap showdown and me getting all the cards except for Diana Rigg.
-         Dreaming William Shatner was on Buss.
-         Getting wood in Settlers of Catan.
-         Assorted other new friends (apart from snake): Sharon 80s Hair, Grace Jones, Teri Hatcher, Just Shoot Me.
-         Luke drinking Fauxrona; Abby setting a watch alarm for beer o’clock.
-         Sexy enemies
-         "I went to the bottle shop"
-         Seeing a rabbit and a spoonbill on the ranch across the river.
-         Wacky Moriarty Day.

Lots of other good stuff. Buss went too fast!

I don’t really know whether your first day back at work is meant to be spent jumping energetically back into working hard, or getting back into things slowly (with help from the internet) – but for the moment I’ve been given the job of looking into some things on google taking me more towards the latter. This is pretty cool.
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Moriarty Downey Jr [11 Dec 2008|02:22pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Essentially, no, I guess most of the time I don't look that much like Indio Downey. But we do have pretty similar haircuts!

At 22, bearing a potential resemblance to a 14 year old would explain why I always get checked for ID.

(Actually, since originally posting this I've almost totally convinced myself this is me in this picture. At least, if I ever got to hang out with RDJ, this is what it would look like!)
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XXII [02 Nov 2008|10:37pm]
[ mood | party! ]

It's my birfday today and it was really good!
I got bacon and eggs for breakfast, and got an external hard drive and a collection of Raymond Chandler stories.

Picnicked + F/A-18 Hornet!

I convinced Mum and Dave to play James Bond Scene-It with me, which I got from Abby and Luke. "One short game" turned into "four short games and one long tie-breaker", over the course of which I drank vodka martinis, being part of a ploy by the opposition to lower my game (I still won, but only 3 of 5!).
Real good.

Rounded off the night by watching For Your Eyes Only, ATAC at St Cyril's!

Ah, I hadn't seen FYEO in ages and it's so great!
Tracey Bond. Julian Glover. Margaret Thatcher. Talking Parrot.

Birthday super. Bond super. Bam!

(how am I going to get myself to turn off Apocalypse Now and go to bed?)
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"I mean physically, not like a guy who's angry in a movie in the 1950s" [23 Oct 2008|11:20pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I can't believe I almost forgot this due to the bleary hungovery nature of my day but today, on my way to work, I saw a kid riding a unicycle at the train station.

.... what?

Then, later, I saw this:

You know, a giant frog in a trailer.

Iron (calf) Man - 1
(Lake) Iron Monger - 0

I ran around the lake, non-stop! Only a couple of weeks ago I was a 97-pound weakling and now I can jog around lakes. Thankyou C25K, turns out it works!
(this was 3.5K but hey, getting there)
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"IT'S WORKIIING! IT'S WORKIIIIING!" [23 Nov 2007|10:07pm]
[ mood | full ]

Say what you will about Jar Jar Binks but I'm pretty sure that him saying:

"Meesa day startin pretty okee-day with a brisky mornin munchy"

.... is basically the funniest thing in the whole entire world.

What is it, General?

The James Bond Life Point [07 Jul 2007|03:39pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Today I spent the whole morning at work writing lists of seven things. These ranged from the very basic ("Seven Best Songs Ever") to really crazy ideas ("Seven Movies With the Word 'Seven' in the Title That I Haven't Seen") (I could only come up with two).

I realised these were all really boring and decided instead to look into 007 007 007. I went on a quest:

1. Found the seventh 007 film (Diamonds Are Forever)
2. Went to 007 minutes and 007 seconds through the film.
3. Looked for the meaning of life.

Turns out the meaning of life is Shirley Bassey singing "diamonds are foreevAER, foreevAER, foreevAER."
Or if you want to really cut it down and get mystic, you could just say that the meaning of life is "forever". Spoooky.

Just in case you've ever wondered, now you know.
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It's in the trees.... It's coming! [10 Jun 2007|08:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Studying Hard: Today I won a Nintendo 64 on EBay. Yeah!
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Revival! [01 May 2007|10:29pm]
[ mood | yearning ]

Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood Revival

*NB. Not related to the new Robin Hood show on TV, which I haven't been watching.


Office YooKay: Revival


1973 Revival

I'm gonna make myself a Best of '73 CD for my car.
This is mainly because I was so excited that 'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five' came out in '73.
It will be good - because my car isn't drawing enough attention to itself already, it clearly should be booming Slade songs.

True Story: I decided to clean my Mum's car in return for her letting me borrow it all these years and I found my capo that had been missing for months under the handbrake. Huh? Instant karma's going to get you, too.
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Freak Out! [08 Apr 2007|09:46pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Gotta love Google image search:

So it turns out I got mega-blisters on my fingers from actually picking up my guitar and practising again (today I got my Uncle to give me some tips on how to do killer bends).
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The lawless town of Attraction! [01 Mar 2007|10:38pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Making Plans and Doing ThemCollapse )

Unrelated Points
◊ Tonight at the video shop some girls gave me a tip. That was so cool. This was money for me, not just "keep the change". Madness!

◊ I'm getting sorted. I've written out my tutorial readings for each week in big lists with tick-boxes next to them for when I do them. I could have done several tute readings in the time it took me to do this.

◊ One of my units has an excursion to where I work.

◊ I've just changed over my Avengers calendar and the new picture is Mrs Peel drinking (and looking sly about it). It's making me laugh.

◊ My new calendar picture does not make me laugh as much as....

Martika cannot escape how 90s she is.


In other news, I am currently searching for my 21st birfday present car and nearly rounded off my holidays by deciding on this beautiful creature:

1963 Morris Major.
Alas, we had too many differences and weren't meant to be.
But her (unworking) speedo was in mph!

Finally, I have been watching some more of this "Arrested Development" lately in big hits and I've found it has the unfortunate aftereffect of making me narrate my own life in my head.

QUESTION: If your life was narrated by a celebrity (actor/actress), who would you like it to be?

I'm choosing Alec Baldwin, so my life sounds all Royal-Tenenbaums, but how about you?
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